2016 Festival
Photo Tour

Drone view of
the 2015 Festival!

Video footage courtesy of Brian Gardner

See Garlina at the
100 Mile Mascot Dance!

Courtesy of Rob Fry of CaribooRadio.com

Garlic Festival TV Commercial 2013
Courtesy of CFJC-TV, Kamloops, BC

Aji Gourmet Products
Aji Original Mild Condiment & Sauce, Aji Medium Hot Condiment & Sauce, Aji Burn, Aji Habanero, Aji Pasta Sauce.

Bradley Creek Garlic Farms
Fresh Garlic and dehydrated Garlic products.

B's Bath
Bath bombs, bubble bars, soaps, lotion, shampoo, conditioner, bug repellant. Bath & body products, all natural, non-chemical, handmade.

Elixir for Life
Enjoy the benefits of organic turmeric, ginger, and other healthy ingredients in our delicious concentrates. Flavours include lemon, cherry, and blueberry.

Just 4 U Soaps
All natural soaps, lotions, and other skin care products. Your Skin's Well-Being Is Important To Us.

Maddock Ridge Garlic
Italian, Red Russian, Ukrainian Garlic.

Magnolia and Vine
Jewellery, purses, sandals, hats, sunglasses.

Miller's Natural Products
Rosehip products, Quince Jam, Salad Dressings, Sausage In A Can, Garlic.

My Own Collection
Clothes, Blankets, Jewelry, Scarves, Bags, Decor all imported from India.

Nygard Styles w/Linda
Canadian Ladies clothing styled by Peter Nygard, Voxxlife socks & insoles.

Rocky Ridge Farm
Certified Organic Garlic, Dried Garlic products.

Sisters Soup Factory
Dried Soups in a bag, Rice Pudding in a bag, Chocolate cake mix, Tea biscuit mix, KD Cloth (for cleaning).

Skye Farm Gourmet Garlic
Garlic and garlic products.

The X-Tails
The X-Tails series of children's books for ages 2 - 10 is written in Prince George, BC. There are eight books in the series and every one is full of action, adventure, and positive values.

Two with Nature Foods
WildCraft Certified Organic Hand-crafted Mustards & Salts; Gift Packs.